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What is Food Bank ?

Food Bank is a novel concept for many Sri Lankans. Learn about Food Bank
while knowing your potential to end hunger.

Food Bank is the warehouse for million of food items that go out to the community. Mainly food banks are based on donations and volunteers.

In all definitions, emphasis is on the notion of surplus food in the food production and retail system. It also says much about the relationship between surplus food and the hunger. This signifies that food banks intend to make food that would otherwise be dumped/wasted, available to organizations that can put it to good use.

Therefore, the term "Food Bank" includes food depots, food pantries and other community based food distributions.

Mostly African and American countries people aware about service of the Food Bank. Therefore, they make donations and share their excess edible food items with food banks. Sometimes food banks also buy food items either at market prices or discounted prices. It privileges Food Banks to maintain their their services. Then they distribute these food items to their beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can be any type of people in our community who need food.

So, Food Banks are the most needed and valuable component in every country especially in developing countries. Nowadays there are several Food Bank services in USA, Canada, Singapore, India, Brazil, Australia, England etc.