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Virtual Food Bank

Through this invention, people can donate more food items and can be received them by people in need in a manner which is efficient and time saving to participants.

Kadamandiya Virtual Food Bank will have two mobile applications for ease of use. Official Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank app is dedicated to the beneficiaries and donors/sellers. Products available to sell in low prices or give away freely will available here and buyers can directly link with surplus food through this mobile application. Food items can be sold or donate. Highly KFB will encourage people to donate or sell their surplus food items in very low prices without discarding. We make the platform to people sharing their excess food items without discarding.


Busy people or organizations have ability to inform about their donations through their mobile phones or computer devices in one minute. People, who have not ability to consume an enough nutritious diet or people who have requirement with food, can get into the mobile application and check the available food.

Then they can match their requirements with available food and then connect with relevant donor/seller. That will help to save time for both donors/sellers and beneficiaries and use excess food items efficiently to overcome hunger.

As mentioned above, Virtual Food Bank is developed to link surplus food and people in need in the community through two mobile application. They are Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank mobile application and Food Bank Rider mobile application. Kadamandiya Food Bank Rider mobile app will be introduced soon.

Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank Mobile App

Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank app is for the use of sellers or donors and beneficiaries. Following services can be obtained from this app

  • Add surplus food items with their details to donate without discarding
  • Get information about delivery rider who is assigned to pick up the food items. (Currently Unavailable)
  • View available surplus food items to share.
  • Make orders from the donors.
  • Track the ordered package and contact the delivery rider. (Currently Unavailable)
  • Rate the donor’s based on quality of service. (Currently Unavailable)
  • Rate the delivery rider’s performance. (Currently Unavailable)
  • Registered beneficiary program
  • Online forum
  • Awareness programme
  • View privacy policy, terms, and conditions.
  • Contact “Kadamandiya” Staff
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