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Reduce Food Waste

Our aim is to reduce food waste while ensuring food security in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka nearly 35% of food is ended up being wasted. Food is wasted in many forms; even in the each and every steps of processing. Schools, hospitals, hostels, hotels and restaurants are some places where a huge amount of food is subjected to discarding. Even household wastes consist of large portion of food wastes. Most of these food items are edible and safe to eat, but discarded.

The main problem regarding this situation is while a significant portion of food ends up in garbage disposal areas, a significant portion of the population suffer from various kind of uncomfortableness’s due to lack of food, hunger or undernutrition.

KFB addresses this issue as well. Being a part of the KFB project you may have a great opportunity to serve the mankind. Most of the time people waste their food as they do not have any other option. Thus KFB provides people an option. Food is not to waste, but to share.

Through this project restaurants and hotels can directly share their extra food with someone suffering from hunger, without throwing them away. Even households and farmers can share the excess food. This may reduce not only the size of the food waste bins but also the rates of hunger and malnutrition.