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Physical Food Bank

That is our ultimate goal. We are supposing to implement first physical Food Bank in
Sri Lanka in 2024.

While poor countries suffer from a lack of food and malnutrition, obesity is a challenge for high and middle-income countries. Even there is enough food in the market, food insecurity is largely a problem of access to the resources or services needed by families to produce, purchase or otherwise obtain enough nutritious food. It causes to food surplus and they are discarded as food waste while many people suffer from hunger because of problem to access to the resources.

When these surplus food items are gone through the Food Bank they are distributed to needy people in the society. So, the Food Bank collects surplus edible food items, and it reduces the problem of access to the resources by needy families by distributing them properly.

So, there is a gap. So, Food Bank helps us to refill that gap by distributing them to needy people or converting them to value added food items. Mainly there are few processing steps in the Food Bank.

As mentioned above, implementing the first physical Food Bank is our ultimate goal. Due to limited resources available and this is a new concept to Sri Lanka, KFB will launch its Physical Food Bank in 2024. But before that, we suppose to operate same process virtually. Through not only virtual and physical Food Bank but also many other sub projects we are working to ensure food security in Sri Lanka under “Kadamandiya”.

Our Physical Food Bank Services