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Our Big Projects

KFB launches more projects to ensure food security in Sri Lanka

Instead of our Food Bank operations, we are supposing to conduct more projects regarding food security, sustainability, nutrition, agriculture, and social development. Such as;

  • Volunteer Programmes
  • Children Programmes
  • Seniors Programmes
  • Individual Programmes
  • Community Gardening Projects
  • Fund Raising Programmes
  • Quality & Safety Awareness Programmes
  • Bulk Donations
  • Festival Season Programmes

Food Security Survey

We have already completed a food security survey in Kandy area. The main objective of this survey to identify the people in need in our community and related information. Secretariat office -Kandy, Development Officers, Grama Niladhari and several community organizations helped for this programme.

Community Awareness Programmes

As the food bank in Sri Lanka, we are always working to ensure food security in our country. During this journey, our one of responsibilities is to aware the community about the problems related to human nutrition and food security. Therefore, we join hands with greatest figures in Sri Lanka to aware our people.

Govi Saviya

We are committed to help our community at the hardest situation. Due to covid pandemic situation and lockdown, farmers couldn't sell their harvest at reasonable price and buyers couldn't find good harvest. Therefore, we launched Govi Saviya project to link farmers and buyers together free of charge.