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Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank

"Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank" is a new initiate in Sri Lankan community.

Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank is a new initiate in Sri Lankan community. Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank is the first Food Bank in Sri Lanka. It is working to bridge the gap in supply chain by collecting surplus foods in anywhere and providing them to people in need. For that there should be a strong linkage with donors/sellers and beneficiaries. Due to limited resources, initially first virtual food bank was introduced as mobile applications. Physical Food Bank will be introduced in 2024.

The Problem

There is a lot of surplus food and there are people who need more food, and the food wastage is high. But there is no link to get these two problems in to one stage.

The Solution

Try to make a link between people who have surplus food and consumers who need more food. This is not a simple mechanism. So initially “Kadamandiya” organization will introduce mobile applications to makes this mechanism simple and try making link. But ultimate goal is to establish first physical food bank in Sri Lanka.

In every year food wastage is being around 30%-40%. So, this is ultimate task to reduce the food wastage and share surplus food to the people all around the country.
Vision Statement
To ensure global and national food security by adopting sustainable food consumption as a solution for the food crisis which can be arisen in future.
Mission Statement
Make the quality and safe food, which is discarded due to excessive production, reachable to the people in need.

Who We Serve

Kadamandiya Virtual Food Bank App (Food For All Mobile App) is open for any area in Sri Lanka. Any Sri Lankan can engage with Kadamandiya Virtual Food Bank through the app. KFB launched first Physical Food Bank service in few GN divisions of Kandy (Gagawata Korale) Divisional Secreteriat under Phase I. KFB conducted first survey in those GN divisions to identify food insecurity in these areas. KFB supposes to extend its Physical Food Bank service to entire Sri Lanka through several phases. Under Phase I, KFB covers following GN divisions.

  • Aniwatte West
  • Aniwatte East
  • Suduhumpola West
  • Deyyannewela
  • Dodanwela
  • Welata

However, KFB sources and rescues surplus and wasted food for our large network of beneficiaries. KFB is targeting following groups as its beneficiaries spreading all over the country. KFB works at its best to ensure food security of them. As well as, donors are also a significant part of KFB.


  • Individuals
  • Houses
  • Community gardens
  • Farmers
  • Supermarkets/Hotels/Restaurants
  • Small scale/Large scale manufacturers


  • Low income families
  • Kids/Children/Teenagers
  • Religious places
  • Elder's Home
  • Orphanages
  • Rural schools/Pre schools