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How We Started

KFB is not a result of a short-term idea or a plan. It comes across a hard journey.

Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank is not a result of a short-term idea or a plan. Actually, as it is in other countries as a solution for the food shortage and hunger, it is implemented.

Through the food bank concept, it connects the consumable food which are going to dispose due to various reasons and people who need food. Through this process, food wastage is reduced and fulfill the needs of different people.

Our CEO represented Youth Ag Summit which was held in 2019 in Brazil. There, he presented an idea in combination with the food wastage and the hunger in SL to implement first food bank in Sri Lanka.

From that beginning, within 2 years it is developed with changes, through the hard work and the collaboration of Team Kadamandiya.

In 2019, our CMO got the opportunity to represent 19th International Student Summit on Food and Agriculture, and through the experience gained, the launch of food bank became successful.

Except the above, the knowledge we gained from our universities, helps us mainly and experiences, and the support given by other parties help a lot. Also, the support given by WFP and GFN is highly valuable.