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Food For All - Kadamandiya Food Bank is the first Sri Lankan Food Bank who fights against hunger. KFB has made innovative steps in reducing food waste and providing quality and safety food to hungry people in Sri Lanka. There, is only one solution for hunger, it is sharing. So if you are looking for a platform, there you are in the right track.

This is Our Vision to Ensure Global and National Food Security

Sri Lanka has achieved a significant development after the end of 26 – year civil conflict in 2009. But today Sri Lanka is suffering from another conflict. While 15% of children under 5 are suffering from wasting, according to WFP 25 trucks of food waste is disposed daily in Colombo. It is clear that there is a gap between surplus food and people in need. That is why Food For All – Kadamandiya Food Bank comes into the action. As a nation, we can face this problem together. The best thing we can do is, LET’S SHARE WHAT WE HAVE.

"Feeling someone's pain is a blessing we all have.Helping someone to get rid of it is something worth than tons of golds."
So Hurry Up. Be a Hunger Hero Now !
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How will Food For All - KFB help to develop Sri Lanka ?

Reduce Food Waste

Being a part of us, you may have the opportunity to make your contribution for another mouth. If you have a food surplus, let’s share them. 

End Hunger

Considering the amount of food we throw away, it is natural to have a  guilty feeling towards this issue. By joining with us you can help someone.


By making reachable the “discarded but safe to eat food” to people in need, we contribute to SDG 2 – Zero Hunger as well as SDG 12. 

Virtual food bank

Virtual Food Bank is new concept in which people can share their food items with someone who needs them in an efficient manner.

Our big projects

Other than the food distribution we launch some big projects to help people who deserve with many other things and ensure food security,

Physical Food Bank

Physical Food Bank collects excess or surplus food and distributes them among people who need them either as it is or after processing.


We are supposing to conduct an Island wide survey to identify people in need in our community. We started it in Kandy.

WHAT people SAY ?

"I'm very impressed by the work of this young team, in short time you made a very good plan and approach to launch this wonderful initiative. The First would always be the best. I wish all of you a very great success and I am sure your efforts will together reduce hunger and food waste in Sri Lanka"
Padmanaban gopalan
No Food Waste Food Bank - India
"I really encourage the concept behind this worthy effort. Initiation of "Food For All", the first Sri Lankan food bank service will definitely serve many innocent lives a strength and also a sustainable solution to minimize the food waste in Sri Lanka"

Banuka hathurusinghe
Country President
AIESEC Sri Lanka

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Live the Experience

It's time to activate your leadership by going on an experience with Food For All Food Bank. We're ready to give our maximum effort to our youth to live a shared responsibility for the world and make a hunger hero for a better future.

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